Live, Work, Play: Healthy Real Estate

Entrepreneurs invest in real estate.

Smart Entrepreneurs invest in healthy real estate.

This week, I went live on YouTube, and joined by Soby Tadjalli, MPH, a former collegiate and professional soccer player, turned public health and real estate professional.

See how he combines his passion for health and wellbeing with real estate, healthy homes, and the built environment:

* Are you an Entrepreneur, Investor, or Startup entering the health sector?

** Are you a Patient, Carer, or Health Professional that has seen or felt a problem in your experience of health and care?

*** Or are you an expert that can offer support to Innovators & Entrepreneurs, such as in design, branding, marketing, communications, artificial intelligence, architecture, law, engineering, science or technology?

Bring your insights, experience, and challenges for a healthy dose of Startup Therapy, live each week on CLUBHOUSE. Through a mastermind approach, you’ll be able to tap into expertise, ideas, and potential new partners.

Startup Therapy, Thursdays, 7pm GMT / 2pm EST

Better health starts here

Many health startups fail, and most startups face challenges with investment, adoption, and access to people, data, and resources. To be successful and sustainable, Entrepreneurs just need a little Startup Therapy.

The Entrepreneur’s Doctor prescribes a dose of Startup Therapy, empowering Entrepreneurs to self-assess, diagnose, treat, and better yet, prevent issues facing their health startups.

Grab your prescription today:

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