How Entrepreneurs Overcome Obstacles

Image by David Mark from Pixabay
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Have you ever started a new journey, launched a new venture, and something gets in the way?

Maybe it was an incident, or something someone said. Perhaps it was the lack of support that made you feel you were not worthy of success?

How did it make you feel? What did you do?

There have been many times I’ve been through that, whether in my personal life or at work. Let’s take my fitness and weight loss challenges throughout my life. Every time I get started, something comes in my way. I would often just give way and revert back to my old habits.

Recently, something changed. I was watching the new movie about Napoleon Hill’s book, Think & Grow Rich. Fantastic movie by the way, which I watched with my son. Many things stood out, but one principle that hit home was to let obstacles and challenges be the fuel that help you launch. Let other people’s doubts be the wind behind your sails.

I remember as a child, my teachers weren’t very supportive of my application to get into medical school. They thought I could never understand biology. This doubt and lack of support became the source of my motivation. Two and a half decades later, with a doctorate from Harvard and specialist training in Oxford, working at international health agencies across the world, through to now taking that passion and drive to help other innovative and entrepreneurial minds to tackle the problems we face and create a healthier, happier world. What do you think has been my fuel?

Yet these past 25 years haven’t been easy. Most people don’t see all the hard work and tough times you’ve had to go through to be where you are. Their immediate response may simply be, “oh, that’s nice… lucky for some”… right?! They don’t see all the hard work under the surface, sometimes referred to as the iceberg of success.

Image by Mote Oo Education from Pixabay
Image by Mote Oo Education from Pixabay

Every time, I’ve gone through a challenge and come out the other side stronger. That doesn’t mean it was easy going through the eye of the storm, but I use each experience to propel me even further.

So it is what you do with your obstacles that matter. How do you use the negative energy and turn it into rocket fuel?!

That’s also the story of several of my guests during my 90 Day Challenge.

On Day 27, I was joined by Norma Delara, a school administrator in New York whose battle with breast cancer led to the world of health innovation and entrepreneurship.

On Day 29, Sarah Berthon joined me from the UK to share her story of being forced to give up a successful career as a senior business consultant, as a result of developing a few chronic illnesses. Sarah decided to set up her own business, and launched Entrepreneurs Against The Odds, a community for business owners with chronic illnesses. Sarah helps them run a successful business while looking after their health. Sarah also advises organisations on supporting their employees with chronic illnesses.

Heath Stone, former Vancouver police officer turned serial entrepreneur, joined me on Day 30 to share his personal challenge with diabetes to now empower people and organisations living and impacted by diabetes.

Ending the week on a high note, Dr Pooch joined me live from Los Angeles on Day 31. Having personally seen his community and loved ones struggle with chronic disease, mental health conditions, and poverty, Dr Pooch is now on a mission to train and educate families the fundamentals of holistic health through his books and creative educational content. Hassan Diop, who adopted Dr Pooch as a childhood nickname, began his personal holistic health journey in 2012. After extensive training in holistic healing systems for both children and adults, he began building his holistic health practice. Since then, he has worked broadly within the Los Angeles school district and has been successful in the implementation of holistic approaches to addressing, correcting and improving childhood behavioural issues, academic delays and emotional health. Coupled with his passion for Hip Hop and creative writing, spawned the world’s first early holistic health curriculum: The Get Well Johnny 12.

Having personally experienced burnout, I’m on a mission to share insights into what I’ve learned about improving our brain and mental health. Over the course of this 90 Day Challenge, in between my special guests, I cover four simple strategies that will make us feel and perform better today, all while preventing disease in later life. I like to think of it as a blueprint for building optimal health and wellbeing:

  • Lay a strong foundation through a constructive mindset;

If you’d like to learn more, do please subscribe and hit the notification bell to my YouTube Channel, and follow my 90 Day Challenge. On Day 28, I covered how the brain works.

As an Entrepreneur, have you been through a personal experience with your own health? Or have you cared for a loved one, and felt this inner drive that inspires you to take action and find solutions to help others? Some of you may have felt this way during the pandemic.

That’s the same feeling I had when I decided to become a doctor.

But you really don’t need to have any medical expertise.

As Entrepreneurs, you have the skills needed to bring any idea into the market. All you need is the specialised knowledge and experience of someone who understands the health sector.

90% of health is outside clinical care. You can make an impact in any sector, from education, all the way through to architecture and transport. The opportunities are limitless.

Over the years, I’ve seen and worked with Entrepreneurs like you, and they often ask me how to design their business to make the biggest impact, while overcoming challenges.

Many Entrepreneurs struggle behind the scenes with their wellbeing​, wellness, and mental health​. Meanwhile, some feel the urge to pivot and tackle the problems they’ve seen in healthcare​.

My mission is to help you:

  • Overcome your challenges to achieve optimal health as an Entrepreneur;

If this sounds like you, check out my free masterclass to learn how to launch a health venture, without medical expertise:

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I’m Behrooz, aka The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, Harvard & Oxford trained public health / preventive medicine physician, with 20+ years international experience.

I help Entrepreneurs create a healthier, happier world.



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