The Entrepreneur’s Doctor 90-Day Challenge [Days 5–11]

In case you missed it, catch up here on days 0 to 4, where I cover why I’m here to support Entrepreneurs, my mission, fears, mental health, and top tips on time management.

Day 5: Steps To Brain & Mental Health

Day 6: The Most Important Business Meeting

Day 7: The Healthy Business Coach

Day 8: The Business Way To Health

Day 9: Is This Your Number One Business Client?

Day 10: How To Stick To Your Goals

Day 11: The One Way To Achieve Your Goals

Many Entrepreneurs struggle behind the scenes with their wellbeing​, wellness, and mental health​. Meanwhile, some feel the urge to pivot and tackle the problems they’ve seen in healthcare​.

My mission is to help you:

  • Overcome your challenges to achieve optimal health as an Entrepreneur
  • Translate your personal struggles into a startup​ / business that delivers innovative solutions to help others prevent or overcome what you had to go through.

►►From Health​ Struggle To A Thriving Business​ With Solutions


I’m Behrooz, aka The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, Harvard & Oxford trained public health / preventive medicine physician, with 20+ years international experience.

I help Entrepreneurs create a healthier, happier world.



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Harvard & Oxford trained public health physician, improving human & planetary health, one Entrepreneur at a time.