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Can a business strategist, someone from outside the health sector, become a health entrepreneur?

At the age of 28, Carina Cunha was travelling back home from a charity trip in Africa. She felt on top of the world, doing so well in her previous company. That was until her phone rang and someone told her she could potentially have cancer.

Just imagine the emotions, especially as cancer runs in her family, with one of her uncles having died in his early 30s. Carina had always taken care of her health, going to the gym five times a week, eating nutritious food, pretty much everything you can do.

Yet one thing made her feel particularly concerned. Living in London, she would take the Tube (underground train) every day, and would walk on polluted roads, breathing in other people’s tobacco smoke. It was then she became very aware of her environment and the role of air pollution.

If we have sunglasses for our eyes, and headphones for our ears, can we have something for our nose?

Carina, whose experience inspired her to launch Nosy, was my special guest this week on The New Health Entrepreneur: 90 Day Challenge.

In this episode, Carina shares insights for all Health Entrepreneurs & Startups:

Carina featured on day 62 of my 90-day challenge for new Health Entrepreneurs. As you’ll see with the episodes so far, I’ve had 2 goals with this challenge:

Learn from Carina here:

You and I are both after the same thing, better health & wellbeing. As an Entrepreneur, you may have seen or felt problems with your personal experience of healthcare. Given your mindset, expertise, and skillset, you now want to do something about it. You may be worried that you have no prior knowledge or credentials within the health sector.

As The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, I specialise in supporting you to translate your unique knowledge, skills, experience, and mindset, into innovative solutions that promote health and wellbeing. I do that by prescribing a dose of Startup Therapy, empowering you to self-assess, diagnose, treat, and better yet, prevent issues facing your health startup or business.

I’m Behrooz, a Harvard & Oxford trained preventive medicine / public health doctor, with over 20 years of international experience across direct patient care, wider public health service, policy, industry, media, research, education and training. I’ve supported and mentored Entrepreneurs from non-health backgrounds to enter and navigate the health sector.

While the future of health and care may be digital and enabled by healthtech, most entrepreneurs are merely focusing on the symptoms affecting healthcare. I can help you dive deeper to tackle the underlying causes affecting health and wellbeing, highlighting strategies and opportunities for real impact.

Sadly though, many Entrepreneurs and Startups fail, often due to problems securing investment, gaining adoption, and poor product-market fit. Sometimes, what limits the scalability and sustainability of the business is the physical and mental health of the Entrepreneur him/herself.

That’s why I’ve created some free resources to help get you off to a flying start. Learn more at

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